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Zoe Schein
Comics / Illustration / Education

Zoe Schein is a freelance illustrator, writer, and educator hailing from Central Illinois and living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. She earned her MA in Art + Design Education from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2017, and her BA in Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies from Grinnell College in 2012.

Schein's artistic work emphasizes visual storytelling and narrative, with particular emphasis on comics, integrated graphic essays, pen-and-ink illustration, and printmaking.

As a teacher, Schein works primarily in informal and non-traditional educational settings such as after school programs, community organizations, libraries, and with private clients. She has developed and taught courses in drawing, making comics, introductory animation, creative writing, and memoir writing, and has assisted in workshops centered on filmmaking and digital storytelling. She delights in teaching. 


Schein is currently accepting new commissions and private lesson clients. Follow the links to official inquiry forms, or direct inquiries about these, sales, class instruction, or otherwise to Schein at:
scheinzoe (at) gmail (dot) com


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